Telephone Area Codes, Explained

Telephone area codes are unique numbers assigned to different countries and different regions within a country for convenience. The land line telephone systems are entirely dependent on these telephone area codes to successfully complete your call. Area codes were introduced in the United States by the Bell System in 1947. The first direct dial long distance call occurred in 1951.

There was no specific criterion for assigning codes to countries. They were simply dished out to countries making sure no two countries had the same telephone area code. You will notice that a majority of countries have two digit area codes while others have 3 and the United States of America, as an exception, has only one, the number 1. Each country is assigned an area code that can easily be found on the internet.

While using the telephone area code it is highly advisable to start with a + sign before the area code for that country. For example, while placing calls to the United States you will key in the number as follows, +1 followed by the number of the person you intend on calling. Within a country area codes go further to differentiate different. These codes are however used for land lines.

Mobile phones have their own criterion for identifying users, which is the unique telephone number. This number can be easily located by the system. The area code is not required while calling a mobile phone within the same country. However, when making a call an international call, the telephone area codes are required.

Telephone area codes are a crafty piece of ingenuity. They have helped connect people from the time telephone cost were over $10 per three minutes up to now.

Digital Art in a Nutshell

Digital art is somewhere between being a profession and an art. This is simply because it engages the most creative and dynamic sides of your mind with the circuitry of some of the most powerful machines to generate masterpieces that will leave many starring in awe! Digital art, multimedia art and computer art are one and the same thing. The names just vary from place to place depending on what is commonly used in the place you are.

Digital art has revolutionized the media industry. It has supplemented almost all of the old art techniques that went into advertising and entertainment industries. A majority of the new movies are heavily dependent on digital art and the amazing feats it is able to achieve. The Avatar is a good example of one such movie. Dinosaurs have come back to life in the digital world thanks to this art. Technology has enabled reconstruction of entire worlds and civilizations for us to understand how they lived and to imagine how things looked back then.

Digital art is however not just confined to graphical displays only. Much of the music that has taken the world by storm has digital art to thank. Music genres such as techno, trance and house could not have been possible were it not for digital art.

The electric and robotic reverberations that rent the air are produced and fine tuned with the help of digital art. The auto tune also popular with a number of musical artists relies on this form of art. All this was made possible by the discovery of the micro-processor. It is from here that the computer experienced rapid evolution and over time it has torpedoed this art to where it is now.

Young graduates are more willing to pursue digital art as their profession as they see an increase in demand for digital art in the future. There are many institutions too which provide specialized courses in digital art and graphics.

Various kinds of Digital Art

What’s a Digital Art is?
The Digital Art is an art that is done with the help of the computer. It is a variety of the artistic work and the practices with the help of Digital Technology. The digital technology is the fundamental part of the creative process.
There are so many types of the digital art. Such as,
The Drawings that are made in the paper that can be scanned in different style in the computer, the photographs can be modified. The 3D characters are made with the help of the computer.
Various kinds of Digital Art
• The Graphic illustration –used in advertising, brochures, logos and posters
1. • The Illustrations – used in Books, web sites and Comics.
2. • The 3D models – used in the Movies, the Animations, and the Video Games
3. • The Digital photo artwork used to make advertisements and the posters.
4. • The Digital painting
5. • The Web sites
6. •The images generated by computers
7. • The Animations
8. • The Games
The Digital Art combines together the Art, Math, Science and Technology,
The Digital art need the knowledge of art, computers, design and the innovative spirit.
Benefits of Digital Art
It does not Change
The Visual art does have an effect of the environment. Digital art could remain forever in a computer file format; and like physical art cannot be removed by the physical environment. It cannot be harmed by its environment.

• Can be duplicated with accuracy
Reproductions of physical art originals are the images of the original work. Whereas in digital art the Copies are not the copies, but it is a duplicate of the original work of art, therefore the copy and the original are the same.

• Provides unlimited Possibilities
The Color in the digital sphere is shown in the form of bits. The top most accessible hardware is 281.5 Trillion and 48 bits colors.